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Hello there!

I made this website as a final year undergraduate Plant Biology student with a few stories. 

Whilst applying for PhDs, as I polished my CV, I realised that although the research jobs, grants and awards look very impressive, I have great stories behind all these bullet points - chance meetings, filling out applications while living in a tent, random emails and amazing people.

Stories include how I ended up studying Plant Biology after studying Marine Biology part-time for three years, how I raised £40,000 from grants and awards, how I lived with farmers in Nepal and how I developed a passion for invasive brambles (blackberries).

I try to give explanations why I had 70 fish in a suitcase and two sharks in my back on a London tube and why I had one meter long sheers and red stains on my clothes in a dark forest. Behind all the fun, unusual stories, I shall confess the sacrifices and how world events affect future scientists' motivation. 

I also share my university assignments with marks to show international and UK students and educators to see essays receiving >90% in the UK system. 


The content is aimed at:
- Undergraduates who either do or do not know where they want to end up.

- Graduate students who need a reminder to have a laugh when experiments/presentations do not go according to plan.

- Professors, researchers who are now teaching/supervising/employing my generation and the future generations of scientists...

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